Wed, 27 Jun 2018

Mr. Fox as the Hippest Restaurant in Town

Mr. Fox as the Hippest Restaurant in Town

Not all who wander are lost. Say hello to Mr. Fox, the one who wanders and yet finds a place to call home, Jakarta, Indonesia. His new home in Jakarta has welcomed guest not only with its delicious dishes, but also and mostly for his delightful cocktail concoctions. The charming and witty character has an eye for all things unique. Hence, Mr. Fox will lavish you with international comfort food in his usual foxy twist.

With a helping hand from a talented chef Vebrina Hadi, Mr. Fox curates delightful dishes that encompass a wide range of flavors from around the world. And let’s not forget Mr. Fox’ affection for cocktails! With a vast collection of wine and rare liquors from around the globe, Mr. Fox will surely spoil your taste buds for handcrafted cocktails at his bar and lounge. Safe to say that Mr. Fox is the best cocktail place in Jakarta.

With all the goodness in his resume, it’s no wonder that in merely six months after opening, Mr. Fox received the title Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards 2018 for Top Upmarket Venue. The award celebrates the extra miles that Mr. Fox took to provide a world-class dining scene. Consistently sharing enchanting world recipes and fine cocktails, the awarder, Foodies is impressed by the taste, creativity, quality, variety and character that Mr. Fox delivered.

There’s a saying, “Winning takes talent, but to repeat takes character”. Mr. Fox will not stop to put a great care to make you feel at home. The homey, fun and casual atmosphere would always be here at the House of Fox. Because if one thing stays true, is that only Mr. Fox loves you.