Sat, 25 Mar 2023

Social House Presents The #SOHOMustHaves

Social House Presents The #SOHOMustHaves

#SOHOMustHaves bring a sense of warmth and togetherness through elevated comfort cuisine indulgence

Jakarta, 23 March 2023 - Many of us are seeking ways to reconnect with loved ones and rebuild our sense of community. We believe that food has the power to create lasting memories. To bring a sense of togetherness, Social House by Ismaya Group has introduced #SOHOmusthaves, carefully crafted by our Executive Chef to allow you to indulge in elevated comfort cuisine. The menu includes a range of succulent Spanish Baked Rice dishes, starting from Black Ink Seafood (with sofrito, chili, barramundi, prawns, baby squid, blue mussels, garlic aioli, burrata, and gremolata), Slowly Braised Beef Cheek (with red wine seduction, miso carrots aioli, cheese fondue, and gremolata), Crockpot Truffle Chicken (with sofrito, gravy, braised chicken, shiitake mushrooms, and jalapeno aioli), to Iberico Pork Belly (with chili jam, balsamic pearl onion, red chimichurri, charred chili, and smoked bacon). With ingenuity and a creative mindset, each dish is a celebration of wholesome ingredients and a fiery cooking adventure. This experience will allow you to relish, reconnect, and rejoice in pure happiness.

Cynthia Soerja, Marketing Manager of Social House mentioned that "We believe that with #SOHOMustHaves, we can bring a new level of sophistication by elevating the humblest cuisines to new heights of comfort, richness, and indulgence. Our goal is to create a new approach to dining that brings people together over delicious food. Our chef has carefully crafted each dish to provide both culinary excellence and a sense of comfort and familiarity. We continuously strive to be the go-to destination for experiencing excessive enjoyment by offering elevated comfort cuisines to be shared with your loved ones. Our aim is to create outstanding and memorable experiences, making our customers feel welcomed and valued, just like in the comfort of their own home. This ensures that each guest leaves with an endearing memory of their culinary journey at Social House."

Adhitia Julisiandi, Executive Chef Social House, Ismaya Group said "Creating elevated comfort cuisine is like giving your taste buds a warm, familiar hug while also surprising them with new and exciting flavors. For #SOHOMustHaves, I drew inspiration from my own version of comfort food that I experienced while working overseas, Valencia's traditional dish: Paella, and used it as a foundation to innovate exceptional dishes. By experimenting with different ingredients and cooking methods, I added my own spin on the dish to create a crusty and charred taste on the top and bottom sides of the baked rice, elevating the dish's complexity. For the Spanish Baked Rice Black Ink, I drew inspiration from Indonesia’s abundant natural resources from the ocean. I combined a variety of seafood, including barramundi fish, shrimp, baby squid, blue mussels, and others, which perfectly complemented the crusty texture of the Spanish Baked Rice. Indonesians are also known for their warm hospitality and culture of socializing and bonding over delicious food, which inspired me to create the concept of a shared dish for this range of Spanish Baked Rice. For Spanish Baked Rice Slowly Braised Beef Cheek, I drew inspiration from the way Indonesians cook Rendang, but I twisted the method by braising the dish. With its tenderness and juiciness, every bite of this dish is a celebration of flavor and texture. The idea of Spanish Baked Rice Crockpot Truffle Chicken was inspired by everyone's comfort dish: chicken. I braised it to achieve that tender and juicy texture. To elevate the dish, my inspiration also comes from a favorite of most Indonesians: truffle. The earthy, pungent flavors of this elusive mushroom add a decadent richness to any dish. When it comes to the Spanish Baked Rice Iberico Pork Belly, I cannot help but reminisce about the mouth-watering flavors. The succulent taste of the crusty roasted pork combined with selected ingredients is irresistible and lingers on my palate, leaving me yearning for more.”

Social House offers a sense of intimacy and encourages conversation, making it the perfect destination for elevated comfort cuisine whether you're catching up with an old friend over a glass of wine or planning a family dinner to celebrate a special occasion. So why not join us and reconnect with the people you love over a delicious meal? We can't wait to welcome you and help you rebuild your sense of community through the power of food.

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