Thu, 3 Mar 2022

Coming to The New Neighbourhood: The Best Ways to Spend a Day at Pondok Indah

Coming to The New Neighbourhood: The Best Ways to Spend a Day at Pondok Indah

Take it from our most ambitious colleagues: No stressed mind or worn-out body can ever produce the best work. Truthfully, knowing when to rest is mandatory.

When you run out of Netflix shows to watch, you might fancy a good day out.

Keep an eye out for these freshest establishments from ISMAYA at Pondok Indah Mall 2 - if good food or coffee or wine is your kind of self-care.

The new and the perfect hangout spot for Anak #DJaksel!

Djournal Coffee's PIM 2 outlet will be its 22nd one, passing down the belief that life is too short to drink a bad cup of coffee. Djournal Coffee manifests that belief through its wide range of quality artisan coffee, proudly sourced by Indonesia's local farmers.

Whether you can't get the report down without your daily caffeine fix, or you only love hanging around with your squad, no particular plans on your days off, like a true Anak #DJaksel, Djournal Coffee PIM 2 is the perfect place for you.

Your favorite Italian comfort foods are now only a few minutes away from home!

Travel restrictions may no longer be an issue when it feels like you're living next to Italy - or Osteria GIA, which pretty much is the same thing.

Don't forget to say "Ciao!" to your chef, Tommaso Gonfiantini, if you happen to bump into him at Osteria GIA PIM 2!

Although the pandemic may be far from ending, know that you can always enjoy the good life while staying vigilant. See you at Pondok Indah Mall 2!

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