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Thu, 9 May 2019



The Holy Month is finally here and the Ramadan vibe radiates with everyone in Jakarta. This makes the act of iftar, or breaking your fast together, a common practice that people in the Capital look forward to. Also known as buka bersama or bukber, gathering together with old friends, colleagues and family members is especially popular amongst us all as we get to rekindle old relationships and keep the ongoing ones strong.

Finding the perfect place for an Iftar session is always a task. And it just so happens that ISMAYA Group celebrates the joy of Iftar by offering special Ramadan menus at our various establishments. So, below are our recommendations on where to go and  who to take to make the most out of each outlet. 

Mr Fox - Iftar with colleagues

Located in the heart of the city (SCBD area), with easy access from main office buildings in Jakarta, Mr. Fox is the perfect place for a bukber session with your colleagues. Making everyone feel at home at the house of Fox, the dimly lit lights at the classy yet comfortable space suits the mood for an after work bukber session. The special Iftar menu features a variety of food options such as the scrumptious taste of the Indonesian style Soto Betawi Short Ribs and the delicious mix of two cultures with the Nasi Kebuli Lamb Chops. Adding to the vibe of the joyful Ramadan are live music events every Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays that you can definitely enjoy after a hard day of work. 

IG: @hello.mrfox

WA/ Reservations: 087782961999 (JKT) / 089670364055 (SBY)

Pizza e Birra - Iftar with friends

The perfect place for an iftar gathering with friends? Nothing else pops up to our mind other than Pizza e Birra. With weekly nobar sessions, pool tables, dartboards, foosball tables, and ping pong tables, Pizza e Birra is much more than your regular sports bar. Also offering a Ramadan menu with the best Indonesian food like the Batavia Beef Soup, and the classic Indonesian Fried Rice. Complementing the Ramadan Special is the nonstop entertainment from Pizza e Birra such as Live nobar with friends of your favorite sports competitions, and live music nights playing your favorite tunes. Screening the best sports events such as English Premier League, Champions League, NBA, Formula 1, and MotoGP, your Iftar with friends will be nothing less than lively at Pizza e Birra. 

IG: @pizzaebirra

Skye - A romantic Iftar with partner

A long day of fasting always deserves a good iftar meal. Complementing the special Ramadan menu from Skye, is an unparalleled view of the city’s skyline from the 56th floor. Offering a surreal dining in the sky experience, the unique Southern American architecture makes the perfect ambience for an intimate iftar session. The exquisite Ramadan menu highlights the best Indonesian delicacies such as the sweet Es Doger and the Iga Bakar Madu, all elevated to a whole new level. Established as a lifestyle resort in the sky, Skye offers the complete experience with the best view of Jakarta, appetizing meals, and the most charming atmosphere all round. 

IG: @skye_56  WA/ Reservations: 0818 0888 5404

The People’s Cafe - Iftar with family

Create unforgettable memories with your family at the one and only The People’s Cafe. With a warm welcoming ambience and as the perfect space to spend quality time with family, The People’s Cafe is designed to suit everyone’s palate and pocket. With traditional meals such as Soto Betawi and Sup Rawon, the whole family can enjoy a casual Iftar of Global Street Food.

IG: @thepeoplescafe