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Thu, 25 Jul 2019

As The Best Bar and Restaurant in Surabaya, Mr. Fox celebrates its 1st anniversary

As The Best Bar and Restaurant in Surabaya, Mr. Fox celebrates its 1st anniversary

One year after establishing in Surabaya, Mr. Fox invites the city for an intimate evening. A jungle party themed event complete with delicious food, creative cocktails, and live music.

Marking one year since opening in July 2018, Mr. Fox Surabaya celebrates the 1st anniversary with a bang. Having entertained the people of Surabaya with the best food, drinks, and live music over the past year, now Mr. Fox Surabaya is ready to celebrate! Transforming into an intimate jungle party with the theme of Tropical Wonderland, Mr. Fox invites everyone on the 27th of July 2019 to experience the tropical forest in one of the best bars in Surabaya

The seasoned traveler, Mr. Fox has found a home in Surabaya, making it his second home where he shares his passion for food and drinks. Serving up delicious dishes and innovative cocktails, Mr. Fox Surabaya sure hopes that guests come hungry and thirsty for his creations. Having slowly but constantly shaping the face of lifestyle in the city, the best bar and restaurant in Surabaya brings nothing but the best international comfort food in the usual foxy twist.

Starting off the evening is the extremely talented Eva Celia with her live music performance playing her soulful sounds. The summer paradise at Mr. Fox is then followed by beats from DJ W.W. for guests to dance the night away. Celebrating this milestone to explore and experience the humble home of Mr. Fox at Tunjungan Plaza 5, he would like nothing more than to welcome you on a journey with him. Getting more and more lively as the sun goes down, the exciting house of Fox is set to put together an unforgettable celebration for everyone. Because if one thing stays true, is that only Mr. Fox loves you.

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