Sat, 9 Feb 2019

Looking For The Perfect Nobar Joint In Town?

Looking For The Perfect Nobar Joint In Town?

The term nobar (nonton bareng) is not alien to sports fanatics. Nobar or when different groups of people come together in one place to watch sports, lets you get immersed in the moment and feel that sense of togetherness while cheering (or crying) with the people around you. There are different places where people get together and watch their favorite teams go against long-time rivals. Gathering in a friend’s house is one way of watching sports together. Another option could be looking for a public viewing spot with a giant LCD and hundreds of like minded fans watching with you. However, a classic favorite is a dedicated sports bar that shows your favorite sports programs all day long. One prominent example is Pizza e Birra Sports Bar.

Broadcasting different sports programs, Pizza e Birra is cementing its position as the place to be for hanging out with friends while watching that long awaited game. Screening regular events from around the world, like the English Premier League, MotoGP, Formula 1, and NBA to long awaited special events from the NBA All Star Game, to the Finals of the Champions League, this joint guarantees a good time.

With more than enough TV’s for everyone to watch comfortably, Pizza e Birra screens the most on demand events and even re-runs for those who missed it. Maintaining your adrenaline at a constant high, Pizza e Birra serves cold beers and warm pizzas. Famous for its variety of pizzas, and different selection of beers, the lively atmosphere of the place will make you feel right where you need to be. When not watching sports, sing-along with their live performance bands and enjoy your evening of pizza, beer, and fun.

Upcoming Schedules:

18 February 2019 : NBA All Star Game (8.00 a.m.)

24 February 2019: Manchester United vs Liverpool ( 9.00 p.m.)

2 March 2019 : Tottenham vs Arsenal (10.00 p.m.)

Where to watch:

Pizza e Birra Sports Bar Townsquare Cilandak 

Pizza e Birra Sports Bar Setiabudi One

Pizza e Birra Sports Bar Puri Indah Mall

Pizza e Birra Sports Bar Paris Van Java Bandung