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Thu, 18 Apr 2019

All the ways you can have a perfect night at SKYE Jakarta

All the ways you can have a perfect night at SKYE Jakarta

What’s not to love of a rooftop bar in Jakarta? Beautiful views of the city, the crimson blue clouds above you, combined with melodious sounds of the metropolitan that all Jakartans are familiar with. Situated at one of the highest points in the city, SKYE is located at the heart of the capital standing 56 stories high. Bringing you the best views of the city, we have comprised a list on how you can enjoy SKYE in other ways to make your evening complete.

Take in the breathtaking view with our Skyefit

Other than the fact that sunset will never look better from the top of a roof, the view from SKYE literally captures the best panorama of the city. With a 270 degree view showing the city lights, and a direct sight to the ‘Selamat Datang Monument’, the 56th floor will make you feel a new level of appreciation of the city. Our monthly Monday fitness program featuring kickboxing, pilates and yoga is the perfect way to enjoy the most breathtaking sunset view of the city. Each session starts at 16:30 and ends just in time for that golden glow in the sky. Soaking up the views of the city, the fresh air combined with the best view in Jakarta is a sure shot to re-energize the body and the soul. Giving off a vibe of being as if in a resort in the skye, find yourself amongst the clouds and immerse in the beauty that SKYE has to offer. For more info on the sessions, please stay glued to our instagram @skye_56

Dine at our award winning restaurant

Offering a variety of international cuisines, ranging from Asian to Mexican, the food available in SKYE has something for all tastes. Adorned with a unique Southern American architecture, your dining and drinking experience will be elevated to a new high.May it be our Black Angus Beef Tenderloin or the Dry Aged Wagyu, the impressive views of the cityscape as the backdrop goes along beautifully for a perfect meal. The tastiest delicacies combined with the wide array of drinks such as the SKYE Sour or the Ginger Mojito makes for the ultimate place to both wine and dine at the best rooftop bar in the city. 

Enjoy our weekly entertainment options at the lounge

Adding to the architecture and interior of the space, the cozy lounge area is constantly filled with entertainment almost every day of the week to complete the skyline view of the city lights. From free flow wine every Wednesday to a DJ on the deck for RnB Nights every Friday, our entertainment options fully gives out a taste of the Good Life. Adding to our list of entertainment is our most recent addition which is our Thursday Live Session featuring Kanda Brothers. A favorite in the eyes of Jakartans, Kanda Brothers brings their charismatic flare of music every week starting 9 pm to play our favorite tunes to sing along. Adding to the eventful Thursday night is a special promo “Make It Double” on 2 bottles or glasses of selected spirits.

Completing the ultimate big city experience, rooftop bars in Jakarta brings a level of sophistication that normal bars find difficult to reach. Providing all the necessary activities for everyone, going to the best rooftop bar in Jakarta will definitely show how your night becomes everything but average. 

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