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Tue, 19 Mar 2019

5 things to Know Before Heading to the Grand Opening of Manarai Beach House hosted by A$AP Rocky

5 things to Know Before Heading to the Grand Opening of Manarai Beach House hosted by A$AP Rocky

Changing the face of lifestyle in Nusa Dua, Manarai Beach House offers a full-fledged Bali beach club experience day and night. Right on track to become the place to be when in Bali, Manarai Beach House continues to bring only the best entertainment in Bali. For his first ever performance to Indonesia, A$AP Rocky will be rapping his East coast beats in the South Bali beach. Performing live on April 6, 2019, get ready for the most epic Grand Opening Party that Bali has seen in a while. To prepare for an evening to remember, we have compiled a list for you to come fully prepared.

1. A$AP Rocky will be accompanied by A$AP Lou

The A$AP Mob crew is well known for having a number of different rappers. Amongst them is superfan turned A$AP Mob crew, A$AP Lou. Starting off being a fan being pulled on stage during an infamous concert in New York, he is now a touring DJ for the A$AP Mob and will also perform at Manarai. 

2. Taste our best-selling cocktail: C-Cup

To complement the all day summer experience in Manarai Beach House, enjoy the different varieties of our whimsical cocktail selections. Crafted by our award-winning mixologist, the fresh C-Cup Cocktail with vodka and coconut sorbet adds to the tropical mood Bali gives out. 

3. Pizza station

Other than serving a la carte menu, Manarai will also set up pizza stations around the deck for those who want to grab a quick bite. With pizza options for both vegans and meat lovers, the pizza station will be the ultimate drinking companion for your night.

4. Don’t forget your swimming gears

Located in the beachfront of Sofitel Nusa Dua, Manarai Beach House has a direct access to Bali’s whitest sandy beach with crystal clear waters. Equipped with 2 swimming pools and a number of daybeds for you to sit back and relax, don’t forget your swimming gear as everyone is welcome to jump in for a fresh dip. 

5. Limited spots available

Preparing for an unforgettable evening with A$AP Rocky, for those who are still without a ticket, head over to because we still have a limited number of tickets for you! For more info regarding daybed & cabana reservation contact / WA +6285262772727 or call 0361 477277.

Taking over Bali for the Grand Opening of Manarai Beach House, let the toast of East Coast hip hop take you on a wild experience with his debut performance in Bali. Always with the right ingredients for the perfect summer, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, put your ‘sundress’ on and head to Manarai Beach House. 

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