Wed, 3 Apr 2019

Here are 3 Yellow Claw facts before you head to their show at Blowfish

Here are 3 Yellow Claw facts before you head to their show at Blowfish

Having played at the biggest stages in the world such as Tomorrowland Festival and Amsterdam Music Festival, this year Yellow Claw is back to Jakarta on Friday, 6th of April 2019, to bring the heat to the Blowfish crowd for a night of non-stop partying. Gaining popularity in 2010 after hosting a night party at one of Amsterdam’s best night clubs, who ever knew Yellow Claw would bring their talents all around the world. Now internationally acclaimed, Yellow Claw has continuously released banger tracks that has successfully become the anthems to a fun night out. 

Before heading out to party together with the kings of bass, there are some things you should know so you are fully on board for their performance.

1. Part of Barong Family

The Amsterdam duo celebrated their own label called Barong Family. They were highly inspired from Bali during one of their visits to Indonesia, which led them to choose the name Barong for their music label. Having named their label after the Balinese mythology creature, their music has multiple times incorporated Indonesian instruments and melodies including Gamelan, Balinese tunes, and Indonesian words. Barong Family signed a number of local Amsterdam DJ’s and also international names to strengthen their status as being the party of the 21st century. global superstars.

2. Always a crowd Favorite at DWP

As a crowd favorite at DWP 2016,  Yellow Claw was invited again to play at DWP 2017. Having brought the heat with their back to back performances fusing hardstyle beats and hip hop, we will definitely be seeing more of them in the years to come.

3. Periodic players at Ismaya 

With their performance this weekend at Blowfish which makes it a total tally of 5 times playing at Ismaya outlets, 4 at Blowfish and 1 time at The Establishment, their tickets have been sold out in a jiffy every time. No less than a big knock out of the park with each performance, the Dutch Duo is more than ready to hype everyone up with their hard beats.

Everybody needs that one good fire in their life. And if you wanna burn, Yellow Claw has got the light! Limited tickets are still available on or on the spot!

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