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  • Meet Mr. Fox, the charming, witty, and alluring character with an eye for all things unique. Located at the heart of SCBD Jakarta, Mr. Fox’s new home is warm yet eclectic. As a distinguished world traveler, he is always passionate to explore cultural diversities. He created all the amazing recipes of his delicious food-fare and ethereal cocktail concoctions.

    Mr. Fox works with the talented rising star Chef Vebrina Hadi to produce delightful dishes that encompass a wide range of flavors. From fresh healthy breakfast selections, to the modern uptake of classic comfort dish, Mr. Fox sure does take food very seriously at his home. He encourages adventurous ordering so you will be able to explore numerous tastes and discover your favorites among all.

    Equally paramount to his love of food and travel is his passion for cocktails. With the help of award-winning Group Beverage Manager, Albert Yacob, they ensure that every sip intrigues. Each drink has its own story, and while classic cocktails are the inspiration, Mr. Fox incorporates his travels and adventures with each drink. Vast collection of rare liquors decorate the bar walls and a curated wine selection are also available to quench every thirst.

    As he welcomes you to his home, Mr. Fox would like nothing more than to have his guests wander on a culinary journey with him. All this is put together with great care by the charming fox. Because if one thing stays true, is that only Mr. Fox loves you.

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