PPIC Manager

Job Description

Analyze production plan by calculating the data of demand, production capacity, delivery planning, warehouse capacity, and other matters having significant impact to ensure the production runs timely and accurately matched with demand.

  • Analyse historical data of product dispatch.
  • Analysis of production yields against BOM requirements.
  • Approve PR’s based on material requirements.
  • With Dept Head create Master Production Schedule for kitchen manufacturing based on BOM.
  • Par level of both FG and RM requirements.
  • Ensuring adequate supply of all materials.
  • Forecasting of all materials for procurement.
  • Reviewing forecasts of all RM and FG items.
  • Monitoring of all inventory during production process.
  • Liaising with purchasing team on delivery of all materials.
  • Generating inventory data to finance team.
  • Ensuring accuracy of product movement both internally and externally.
  • Investigating production problem and material order delay.
  • Coordination with related department to solve problem.
  • Generating production and material tools to monitor the stock progress (in making sure continuous production and product delivery to outlets).
  • Making sure 100% fulfillment rate to outlet request (from Central Kitchen and Central Warehouse).
  • Liaise with marketing and operations for any promo, new product launching, event, etc to make sure all the supply can be fulfilled accordingly
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field from a reputable university.
  • 5+ years experience working in production planning and inventory control.  Experience in the Food and Beverage industry is a plus.
  • Deep understanding and experience with press / assembling / packing & delivery to customer.
  • Adaptable and able to handle changing priorities and deadlines, the Food and Beverage industry is fast-paced, and priorities can change quickly.
  • Strong leadership and good project management skills.