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Job Description

Gunpowder, Social House, Social Garden, Skye, Gia, Osteria Gia, Mr Fox

  • The purpose of the role is to plan and implement marketing activities Developing, delivering and packaging a message or product for sale, in this case, ISMAYA’S BRAND and all of its products (including events, promotions, etc)
  • Encompasses a variety of marketing activities that strengthen the company’s credibility, enhance the company’s image, and develop good will
  • These are usually targeted at an audience (i.e. brand’s customers). Communicating who we are, what we do, why we do it, and how we make a difference.
Job Requirements
  • Maximum 27 years old.
  • Bachelor Degree any related major from reputable university, if possible education background from Marketing Communication or Public Relation.
  • 1 year experience in marketing
  • Have a good cooperation with others media partners. Have a great strategy and action on how to increase Branding Awareness.
  • Good looking / charming appearance, pleasant personality, smart & creative.
  • Willing to work late yet flexible hours.
  • Professional and well-presented.