Careers Detail - Ismaya

IT Assistant Manager

Job Description
  • Responsible as DevOps Cloud Engineer (Alicloud) to deliver complex Public Cloud project end to end/full cycle
  • Responsible to do project assesment and Maintenance
  • Working closely with direct supervisor and internal/external team (if any) to deliver project end to end/full cycle by considering timeline and quality.
  • Responsible to execute all project milestones end to end/full cycle : HLD, LLD, Project Onboarding, Resource Provisioning, Resource Configuration, SIT/UAT, User Training, Handover, Retention Period etc. along with direct supervisor and external team (if any).
  • Responsible to deliver project based on agreed timeline and available resources (internal/external)
  • Responsible to execute project testing (SIT/UAT) along with direct supervisor or external team (/vendor/end user/customer)
  • Responsible to create technical needed in the projects
  • Responsible to do project handover comprehensively to the respective teams, either internally (operation/managed services team) or externally (customer’s operation team)
  • Responsible to do assignments or tasks assigned by direct supervisor.
Job Requirements
  • Has experience as a Cloud DevOps Engineer for minimum 2 years (mandatory)
  • Has a solid knowledge and experience in designing a DevOps strategy, implementing DevOps development process, implementing Continuous Integration (CI), implementing Continuous Delivery (CD), implementing Dependency Management and implementing Application Infrastructure (mandatory)
  • Has basic knowledge and experience in Public Cloud infrastructure, especially Alicloud, Huawei Cloud, DigitalOcean (mandatory) and AWS, GCP (optional) : resources provisioning, Network (VNET/VPC), Cloud Firewall, Cloud VPN, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Auto Scaling, Cloud Database instance, Cloud Function, Apps Engine, Monitoring etc
  • Has a solid knowledge and experience Microservices and Containerized Application : Docker/Containerd (mandatory), Kubernetes (Optional) etc
  • Has technical hands on experience in DevOps, CI/CD & Automation Tools : GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins etc. (mandatory)
  • Has knowledge and experience in Linux Fundamental and scripting skill : file handling, text processing, system administration, process management, networking, web server, DNS server, Apache, Nginx, Shell, Bash etc.
  • Familiar with one of these programming language : Python, Java, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, .Net, Go etc (mandatory)
  • Has a strong character as an Engineer : structured, have attention to details, strong logical analysis and able to deliver project based on the agreed timeline (mandatory)
  • Willing to be placed in Jakarta (mandatory).