Careers Detail - Ismaya


Job Description
  • HR assistants are involved in a number of areas of human resources, including: recruitment/new hire process, preparing documents/report of payroll and benefits, uniforms, and industrial relations
  • Conducting orientation welcomes new employees to the company
  • Maintains employee information by entering and updating employment and status-change data
  • Needs to understand the definition of an asset and how to deal with them from purchasing to writing off
  • Needs to understand the process which how to distribute and how many pairs of uniform are entitle to certain position
  • Needs to understand on exit interview and exit clearance process to avoid missing of company property
  • Needs to understand the government regulation which apply to the company
  • Maintains quality service by following organization standards
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, finance and business administration
  • Skills: human resource management, personnel compensation, staffing process, labor and social negotiation, workplace dispute resolution and behavior in organization
  • Must be able to communicate clearly, both written and orally, as to communicate with employees, members of the HR management team, and in group presentations and meetings
  • Must be able to prioritize and plan work activities as to use time efficiently
  • Must be organized, accurate, and strong interpersonal skills
  • Must be dependable, able to follow instructions, respond to management direction, and must be able to improve performance through management feedback