Careers Detail - Ismaya


Job Description

The head of marketing oversees all marketing activities of her/his division,

ensuring the marketing team effectively fulfills the organisation's marketing


Job Requirements

1. To be responsible for managing several brands under his/her cluster

2. Making sure the brands between his/her cluster follows timeline structure that had been set from Chief of Creative &Marketing Officer (Marketing Plan, etc)

3. To fully understand and create all marketing budgets, to oversee and approve marketing presentation as and when required

4. Responsible to make sure each brand has a key message, that are intact with brand's image and promise to deliver to customers and each of it supported with cohesive marketing strategies

5. Leading, coaching, mentoring and managing GMM, AGMM, Brand Managers and marketing team

6. To maintain and ensure that each brand has a good and consistent image, good communication with each Brand Managers are very important

7. To have a good relationship with all head of cluster in every division (Operations, Finance, PR, Corporate, etc) in order to get the best out of brand

8. To analyst in depth for each marketing activities outcome results and how to best adopt each marketing activities into the other brands in the cluster

9. Have deeper understanding of P&L, to learn from each brand under her/his cluster and adopt the key learning from each brand within the cluster

10. Build relationship with potential partners, medias, malls and key influencers that can help on making the brands more recogniseable nationally and globally

11. Responsible for being aware of all the competitors for all brands that he/she manages (conduct market research every quarterly, etc)

12. To work closely with AGMM and Brand Managers in order to grow the brands and to achieve company's sales target 

13. To understand the importance of social media, understand social media strategies, an understanding of affiliate marketing would be a good additonal skill to have

14. Responsible for getting final approval of layout direction, design approval from Chief Creative & Marketing Officer, oversee design, production and distribution of the brand before it is finalise for publication to public

15. To ensure each of the team members perform their best