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We’re speechless. We need a Wordsmith! (Copywriter)

Job Description

We’re speechless. At a loss of words. Tongue-tied.

We need a Wordsmith, a Literary Craftsman, a Litterateur, a Person of Words.

Do they describe you? If so, come and recite to us your narrative! 

We are looking for assistance in the words department that can help us string up words and craft stories.

Job Requirements
  • Wore the Cape of Communications, Public Relations, Journalism or related fields.

  • Had cultivated for 1+ years in the mountain of internal and external communications, preferably in creative writing territory.

  • Mastery in the English tongue (minimum of 7.0 IELTS score).

  • 3C in written or verbal communication; Concise, Creative and Clear.

  • Trained in researching and having an analytical mind.

  • Detailed and adaptable. 

  • Trained in the land of administrative and organizational.

  • Capable of writing formal and informal content.