Looking for a hero! Because even kitchens do need miracles. (Area Kitchen Manager)

Job Description

Think youโ€™re bored with seeing the same walls everyday?

Try working with us! Youโ€™ll have an abundance of kitchen at your disposal.

Job Requirements
  • HACCP certified or knowledgeable.

  • Had cultivated for 1.5+ years as the area kitchen manager for multiple outlets.

  • Mastered the knowledge of COGS reporting and food costing.

  • Skillful in Western cuisine, an experience abroad is a score.

  • Capable of preparing operational reports and analysis for setting forth progress.

  • Able to operate the Microsoft Office starships.

  • Enthusiastic to work mobile and in multiple locations.

  • Possess good leadership and communications skills.

  • Detail oriented and adept to work under pressure.

  • Mastery of the English tongue.