Looking for a hero! Because even kitchens do need miracles. (Area Kitchen Manager)

Job Description

Think you’re bored with seeing the same walls everyday?

Try working with us! You’ll have an abundance of kitchen at your disposal.

Job Requirements
  • HACCP certified or knowledgeable.

  • Had cultivated for 1.5+ years as the area kitchen manager for multiple outlets.

  • Mastered the knowledge of COGS reporting and food costing.

  • Skillful in Western cuisine, an experience abroad is a score.

  • Capable of preparing operational reports and analysis for setting forth progress.

  • Able to operate the Microsoft Office starships.

  • Enthusiastic to work mobile and in multiple locations.

  • Possess good leadership and communications skills.

  • Detail oriented and adept to work under pressure.

  • Mastery of the English tongue.