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  • Imagine that mouth watering, appetizing and out-of-the-box Pizza pies, we call it. Wait… don’t stop there…,Why don’t you order a really nice cold beer from our extensive range of beer brands, our signature flavored beer or even our new Belgium beer. Pizza & Beer time with your family, friends, colleagues, or just hanging out with yourself at the bar listening to great music or watching the latest sports game.

    At Pizza e Birra, we commit ourselves to serve you one of a kind Pizza with a twist, inspired by the classic traditional, old and new pizza pies, not to mention affordable and good value price that doesn’t hurt your pocket. Our menu ranges from appetizers, such as Baldy’s Special Salad and chicken wings, to our signature pizza, to other main courses, such as pasta, burgers and risotto to finally our delicious dessert pizzas.

    With our relaxed fun atmosphere in an airy warehouse space, you will surely feel that you are somewhere far away from the hectic city life. Our main obsessions are Pizza, Beer, and FUN!!

  • The Deeper, The Better!