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Fri, 8 Nov 2019

Coffee Passport Makes Your Journey Even Better with Garuda and Djournal

Coffee Passport Makes Your Journey Even Better with Garuda and Djournal

Djournal Coffee makes sure you never have  a bad cup of coffee - even up in the sky! In an iconic collaboration between Indonesia’s best coffee shop and Indonesia’s best airline, Djournal Coffee and Garuda Indonesia are teaming up to serve up the perfect cup of coffee onboard. 

During the month of November, Garuda Indonesia and Djournal Coffee serves up Indonesia’s best coffee on select Garuda Indonesia flights between Jakarta and Surabaya as well as Jakarta and Bali. Called Coffee Passport, both Djournal and Garuda want to show how coffee enhances your flying experience. Garuda Indonesia flight attendants are to distribute the coffee shop’s bottled signature Es Kopi Susu Batavia on Garuda Indonesia flights with the intent to not only bring smiles to passengers, but also to flaunt the refined taste of their coffee.

Djournal Coffee also thinks that life is too short for a bad cup of coffee and is extending their efforts to disperse high-quality coffee across Indonesia. Djournal Coffee is the perfect Indonesian-born coffee shop to do this, as they were awarded as the Best Asia Pacific Airport Coffee, Tea, Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Year by the FAB Awards last year. 

Djournal Coffee has been happily serving Indonesia’s daily caffeine fix since 2013. Their emphasis on using locally sourced coffee beans not only onboard, but also in all their coffee shops, identifies themselves as undeniably Indonesia. From November 8th until the 29th of this year, sample the taste of Indonesia’s favourite coffee - sky high.

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