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  • MR. CURRY, JAPANESE CURRY & SWEET HOUSE. A new delicious concept brought to you by Ismaya Group.  Mr. Curry the chef from Curry Land and together with Mango-nyan, his trusty cat, they travelled the world in search of curry dishes. With a passion of sharing, they wanted the whole world to experience the wonderful “Japanese Curry.” And so, they decided to bring to you here in Jakarta Mr.Curry, Japanese Curry & Sweet House.

    Mr. Curry offers you a great selection of curry & non curry dishes and other signature dishes such as Chicken Katsu Curry Rice and Oxtail Curry Rice. The menu has a huge variety of different mango based curry sauces and different levels of spiciness. Desserts such as stick cakes and Dorayaki are pleasant endings to your meal. All menu items are made with Japanese ingredients and in Mr. Curry’s style of cooking, creating unique dishes that will not only enthuse curry lovers with new choices to pamper in, but also bring a new flavor to Jakarta’s culinary scene.

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