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  • Publik Markette is an exciting and unique concept from Ismaya Group, where the market-driven food menu changes everyday. The restaurant goes far beyond a typical dining place, featuring an international food gallery, contemporary bar and a chic outdoor space. Publik Markette is full of whimsicality, with casual yet elegant atmosphere.


    The star of your dish; cooked to your preference and served however you want.

    A unique mixture of vision, originality, and creativity, The Daily Star display is staying true to its food gallery concept, where you can get them by the gram either for dine in or take away, perfect for your family and relatives at home. The food display is a perfect harmony of fresh and colorful ingredients and the open concept allows your eyes to play a part in ordering what kind of meal you want. You are invited to create your own exquisite food by picking the star of your dish, and then combining it with a vast variation of our pasta or pizza.

    Publik Markette's renowned chefs will then plate your orders—which completes your epicurean journey of exploring new flavors and utilizing our fresh & healthy ingredients.

    The Daily Star display is available for lunch (11:30am - 2:30pm) and dinner (6:30pm - 9:30pm). Outside of those times, guests may order food from the special a la carte menu.



    Not only Publik Markette is the best place to have a unique eating experience, we also have a wide range of beverage selection.

    The refreshing and all-natural juices at Publik Markette come straight from the farm without added sugar, preservatives, or additives. Another great choice to accompany your perfect meal is our smoothies, which are packed with essential nutritions from selected fruits and vegetables. Last but not least, we also have an excellent option of coffee and tea which can be enjoyed by itself or as a base for many other beverage selections.

    When talking about cocktail, in order to serve you the finest cocktails in town, we always make sure that every stir, shake & throw is done precisely. For you who prefer wine, Publik Markette's seasonal wine list includes a worldwide selection of established brands.

    So whether you are looking for a chic uptown restaurant to hold your events, functions or a hot date to and a late night see-and-be-seen hotspot to enjoy your social drinks. Be ready for a delicious surprise every single day and join in the new eating experience!